August 7 photos

Dr. Bill Williams (IOS) deploys the uCTD... okay he just threw it over the side. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Fish On!  During retrieval the uCTD breaks the surface several hundred meters behind the ship. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
The uCTD file is downloaded wirelessly and checked for problems.  Further processing will be done later. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Places not to put fingers - the bow of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent is busy with heavy machinery. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Ben Lincoln (Bangor U) gears up to deploy the turbulence instrument.  The VMP 500 must be gently handed over the side so everyone wears a safety vest and harness which is then attached to this ship by a leash. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
The business end of things - the vertical microstructure profiler uses probes that work like a record player needle encased in resin.  This area is "do not touch".   (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
The VMP 500 is lifted over the side for a dive to ~ 500 meters. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)

Chief Officer Don Whitty oversees deck operations: Winchman Ed Bridgeman and Boatswain Rico Amamio assist Kris Newhall and Jim Dunn (WHOI) with a drifting buoy deployment.

(Steve Lambert, WHOI)

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