August 9 photos

Jonaotaro Onadera (JAMSTEC) in the CTD shack.  Jo is monitoring the rosette depth and keeping an eye out for equipment problems. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
A group of gulls gathers on the lee side of the ship on a foggy morning. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Kenny Scozzafava (IOS) collects samples from a bottle attached to the rosette. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Edmand Fok (IOS) adds MgCl2 to a sample as a preservative. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Marty Davelaar (IOS) collects a water sample. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Hugh Maclean (IOS) prepares an Acoustic Dopplar Current Profiler (ADCP) with the help of Seaman Clyde Wheaton. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Our friend the polar bear. (Photo by Kazu Tateyama)

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