August 13 photos

First Officer Gary Leonard and Third Officer Mathew Sturge work to position the ship before the CTD is deployed. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Captain McNeill assists with science operations while Helmsman David Bartlett positions the ship for a CTD cast. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
At the wheel: Helmsman Bartlett confirms a "hard to port" order. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
All business.  From the bridge of the LSSL all ship systems can be monitored.  And there are quite a few! (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Radar and GPS systems assist with ship maneuvers. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Full steam ahead!  Each of the three screws can be controlled from dual panels on the bridge.  At full power she can hit 17 knots! (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Delicate work: Ice Observer Barbara Molyneaux working hard to keep ice predictions up-to-date. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)

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