August 26 photos

Helicopter Pilot Chris Swannell has to look out the side of the craft when making cargo hauls. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Jim Dunn (WHOI) gently lowers ITP 65 down through the ice. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Helicopter Richard Daine attaches the cargo sling to the lower shackle on the helo. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Ed Bridgeman stands bear guard during ice work. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
Kris Newhall (l) and Mike DeGrandpre attach the SAMI to the ITP wire. (Photo by Rick Krishfield)
Ed Bridgman makes his bear patrol while Gary Morgan poses in front of the ship. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
Alice Orlich (U of Alaska ) helps Kenny Scozzafava (IOS) out on the ice floe. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
ITM1 in place with Kris Newhall, Jim Dunn, and Steve Lambert (WHOI). (Photo by Rick Krishfield)
Gary Morgan assists with an ITP deployment.  Gary is a big help to us out on the ice. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
Rick Krishfield (WHOI) conducts final testing of a buoy. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
Carlton Rauschenberg and his nearly complete O-Buoy with the LSSL looking on. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
Many of the scientists gather for a group photo. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
The final product: the once busy floe is now quiet with the buoys in place. (Photo by Rick Krishfield)

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