August 28 photos

ITP winch set up for deployment. (Photo by Rick Krishfield)
(l-r) Seamen Clyde Wheaton and Llewellyn Oram with Cadet Alex Scott and Jim Dunn (WHOI) pay out the 790 meters of wire for ITP64. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
ITP64 ready to be lowered into the sea. (Photo by Rick Krishfield)
Mike DeGrandpre attaches the SAMI to the top of the wire on ITP64. (Photo by Rick Krishfield)
ITP64 is attached to the wire and lowered over the side of the LSSL. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
The SAMI and upper bumper attached to the wire. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)
ITP64 on its way down. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
The surface package housed in the large foam. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
The entire unit passes final interrogation and is ready to be released. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
ITP64 is sent on its way into an ice field. (Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)

Scientists and crew gather in the lounge to congratulate Captain McNeill's 35 years with the Canadian Coast Guard.

(Photo by Mike DeGrandpre)

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