September 5 photos

Ben Lincoln (left) and Ben Powell on the foredeck of the LSSL. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Ben Powell our hard working technical expert working in sunny St Johns, preparing our hydraulic line puller for its transit through the Northwest Passage on the CCGS Louis S St Laurent.  (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Ben Lincoln (left) and Ben Powell in our survival suits during the safety drill on board the Louis.  Thankfully we haven't had to use them since then. (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Here is the VMP 500 turbulence profiler and our hydraulic line puller in place under the A-frame in readiness for a mission through the ice down to 500m.  (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Ben Powell manning the winch during the deployment of the VMP500 during a typically ice free station.   (Steve Lambert, WHOI)
Here is a typical example of the turbulence data we have been recording during the cruise (rhs plot). Strong turbulence is observed in the top 50m as the wind drives energy into the ocean by turbulent diffusion.  At depth turbulent dissipation rates are thousands of times smaller with very little energy except at the boundary between the Pacific and Atlantic water masses where enhanced mixing rates are observed. (Ben Lincoln and Ben Powell, Bangor University, Wales)

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