October 13 Photos


Justin Dalley and Leo Rose stand watch at the beginning of the second ice station.

(Jim Weedon)
Rick Krishfield, Meghan Donohue, Cory Beatty, and John Kemp, shortly after deploying an ITP. (Jim Weedon)
Seita Hoshino and Yasuhiro Tanaka with their EM Sensor. (Jim Weedon)

An intrepid Sarah Zimmermann tramps through the snow.

(Sam Thomas)
Transporting gear around an ice station. Pat Kelly and me in the foreground, Sam Thomas and Sigrid Salo in the back. (Alek Petty)
June Marion, Dan Sauve, and Leo Rose during a CTD/rosette cast. (Caroline Wylie)

The Canadian Coast Guard in all its glory.

(Joey Wenig)
Melissa Schwab and Lloyd Francis on deck during a mooring. (Sam Thomas)
Some of us adapted to the cold faster than others. Here, sunbathers catch some late afternoon rays on the heli pad. (Alek Petty)
Cowering from the helicopter’s downdraft. (Sam Thomas)

Miniature heli-blizzard.

(Sam Thomas)
Robyn Edgar sets up the ice drill. (Sam Thomas)

June Marion on a snow camel.

(Caroline Wylie)
The view’s not quite as good without the sunbathers, but still worth including. (Alek Petty)
More ice views. (Sam Thomas)
Remnants of one of the heaviest snowfalls of the trip. (Jim Weedon)
Brice Loose. (Wes Halfacre)

Some sun in the Arctic.

(Jim Weedon)
Pat Kelly, measuring ice. (Joey Wenig)

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