September 24 Photos


Will Ostrom spools the Lebus winch tag line onto the drums in preparation for winch operation refresher training with Louis St. Laurent deck crew.

(Peter Lourie)

Will hangs the auger drive motor during an equipment test for the on-ice buoy deployment operations.

(Peter Lourie)

Bill Galliott and Chris Basque discuss the tripod setup while Will explains leveling the assembly on the ice with Seaman Everett Payne.

(Peter Lourie)
Chris Clark holds a “spongebob” drifter on the railing while Glenn Cooper prepares to time the exact moment of deployment. (Peter Lourie)
Spongebobs are completely biodegradable drifters that transmit locations from a spot GPS on top to track surface currents.  A total of 16 were released, one every 20 nautical miles, on a geographical line from the shelf out to the deep water. (Peter Lourie)
Alek Petty from NASA fires and eXpendable CTD (XCTD) probe into the ocean to measure the temperature and salinity of the ocean down to 1000 m without stopping the ship. (Peter Lourie)

David Colatriano from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, is filtering seawater to capture microbial cells of different sizes.

(Peter Lourie)
Arthi Ramachandran, also from Concordia, works in the fume hood fixing and preserving cells as soon as they are sampled from the rosette so that she can later count the number of microbial cells in each milliliter of seawater. (Peter Lourie)

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