September 17th Photos

1. Our location.
2. A member of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent watches the deployment of the ITP from the bridge. (David Jones)

3. The bubbler is used to clear the ice away from the bow in preparation for the ITP deployment.

(David Jones)
4. Perfect snowflakes formed on the surface of a GoPro mount. (David Jones)

5. Andrey Proshutinsky (WHOI) helps unreel the cable for the ITP deployment.

(David Jones)

6. The CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent's Bosun, Rico Amamio during an ITP deployment.

(David Jones)

7. The Yale Grip is untied by Jim Ryder (WHOI) during the deployment of an ITP.

(David Jones)
8. The ITP Buoy is lifted by a crane off the deck and over the side of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent. (David Jones)
9. The ITP is deployed in open water. (David Jones)
10. Surface Drifter Tracking. The tracks of the previously deployed Sponge Bobber surface drifters are plotted on a map of the Beaufort Sea. (Courtesy of Bill Williams DFO-IOS)

11. Jean Pierre Desormier is the Medical Officer for the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent.

(David Jones)

12. Major elements of the hydrological cycle for the Northern Hemisphere where AC – atmospheric circulation/currents; Ice – sea ice forced by winds and ocean currents; R – river runoff; CW – cold relatively fresh water surface currents; WW – warm and salty water currents which bring heat and salt to the Arctic Ocean to compensate fresh water outflow with surface layer currents.

(Eddy Carmack)

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