September 19th Photos

1. Our location.
2. The release mechanism is attached to the mooring anchor weight. (David Jones)
3. The terminal ring connected to the release mechanism. (David Jones)
4. The anchor weights for the mooring are submerged with the release mechanism still above surface. (David Jones)
5. A string of bottom floats connected to the already submerged anchors are lowered. (David Jones)
6. The ships carpenter Gary Morgan looks on as the mooring deployment takes place. Gary loves science and helps us everywhere. (David Jones)
7. Rick Krishfield (WHOI) monitors the progress of the mooring deployment. (David Jones)
8. The MMP profiler attached to the cable is lowered into the water. (David Jones)
9. The SAMI pair is attached to the main cable of the mooring. (David Jones)
10. Captain Chmiel of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent and First Officer Jess Downey monitor the progress of mooring deployment from the bridge. (David Jones)
11. The pair of SAMI's are deployed. (David Jones)
12. The subsurface buoy is brought alongside and attached to the mooring string. (David Jones)
13. Going! The subsurface buoy is almost completely submerged. (David Jones)
14. Gone! The quick release is all that is left and is brought back on deck. (David Jones)
15. Climate regimes and decadal changes. (Graphics by Andrey Proshutinsky)
16. Air temperature and fresh water release from the Arctic. (Graphics by Andrey Proshutinsky)

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