September 27th Photos

1. Our location.
2. Dave Pike, Quartermaster on the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent and Sarah Zimmerman at the annual cup lowering. (Gina Nicoloff)
3. Holy Shrunken Cups! The shrunken cups after being submerged in 1000+ meter Arctic sea water. (Gina Nicoloff)
4. Mooring Recapture. A Mooring ball is chased down for recovery. (David Jones)
5. The bow of the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent plows through rough seas in the Beaufort Sea. (David Jones)
6. Gary Morgan, ship's Carpenter on the Louis S. St. Laurent on deck with his camera in tow. (David Jones)
7. Gary Morgan works in the ships woodshop (David Jones)
8. Cassie DeFrancesco (Trent University) peers out from her scarf. (David Jones)
9. CDOM Program.  Celine Gueguen (Trent University) and Cassie DeFrancesco (Trent University) run the ships CDOM analysis as part of the JOIS 2017 CTD Rosette program. (Courtesy of Celine Guegen)
10. Map showing the scaled magnitude of fresh water flux (the area of each triangle is proportional to the flux) for the five NA regions (AO – Arctic Ocean; NS – Greenland Sea; IS – Irminger Sea; LS – Labrador Sea; BB – Baffin Bay) and the eight largest rivers transporting fresh water into the Arctic Ocean. The numbers indicate the mean fresh water flux in km3yr−1 for the reference period 1961–1990 for each region and the percentages refer to the relative increase in flux for the period 1992–2010, based on a linear trend. (Courtesy of Jonathan Bamber [Bamber et al., 2012])
11. Total fresh water flux from Greenland as the major factor responsible for the cessation of quasi-decadal oscillations of climate in the Arctic. (Courtesy of Jonathan Bamber [Bamber et al., 2012])

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