July 22 photos

Jeffrey Nguyen (US Naval Academy) and Carlton Rauschenberg (CRREL) don immersion suits. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Scientists at the safety briefing in the forward lounge. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Jennifer Putland (U. Akron) tries on the immersion suit. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Steve Lambert (WHOI) tries on the immersion suit. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Third mate Marian Punch explains ship safety while Carlton Rauschenberg (CRREL) looks on. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Chief scientist Bill Williams (ISO) reviews sampling protocol at today's science meeting. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Michiyo Kawai (TUMSAT) in the helicopter hangar listening to the instructions of the crew during the fire drill. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Wes Halfacre (Purdue University, Indiana) in the lifeboat. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Lifeboat during the drill. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Winchman Ed Bridgeman looks on during the lifeboat drill. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)

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