July 30 photos

Buoys and instrumentation on the foredeck this morning in preparation for deployment of Mooring A. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Steve Lambert (WHOI) mounts the ADCP in Mooring A's top float. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp (WHOI) prepares the 4500-pound anchor for deployment. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Carpenter Gary Morgan. The mooring anchor and releases, attached to the starboard crane in the background, are ready for deployment.
(Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Rick Krishfield (WHOI) fastens the bottom pressure recorder (housed in an aluminum chute attached to the anchor) to the mooring releases. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The mooring anchor, bottom pressure recorder and releases over the side at the start of the anchor-first deployment. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The view from the ship's bridge deck as the glass spheres (protected in yellow hard-hats) are deployed using the starboard A-frame. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Boatswain Rico Amamio, Rick Krishfield and Steve Lambert fasten the deep MMP to the mooring line. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The deep MMP on the mooring line. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Boatswain Rico Amamio with the MMP top bumper on the mooring line. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The mooring top float and transducer below are placed into position with the crane so they can be attached to the mooring line held at the A-frame.
(Mary-Louise Timmermans)
A release hook is used to let go of the top float - the final step in the deployment. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)

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