August 1 photos

Officer Cadet Blair Parsons before the start of recovery operations. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp and Jeff Pietro (WHOI) on deck before the recovery of Mooring B. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Winchman Edward Bridgeman (right) in the crane while Second Officer Gary Leonard (left) and Officer Cadet Jimmy Maung watch the foredeck operations from the bridge. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Surfacing of the mooring top float off the starboard side. The transponder and MMP top bumper can be seen in the water below. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Seaman Barney Noseworthy preparing to hook the surface float to begin the recovery operation. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The surface float is brought aboard using the crane while the mooring load is suspended from the A-frame. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Steve Lambert and Rick Krishfield (WHOI) remove the ADCP from the top float so the data can be downloaded and the instrument can be shipped home for maintenance before it can be deployed another year. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp and Rick Krishfield (WHOI) take the MMP off the mooring line after it is recovered to the deck. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The mooring line is caught in a stubborn ice floe. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Carpenter Gary Morgan watching the wire as the Captain attempts to free it from the ice using the ship's air bubbler system. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Seaman Barney Noseworthy hooks the cluster of backup buoyancy floats after the mooring line has been cut. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The glass flotation balls, in protective yellow hard hats, are hauled aboard. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The final components of the mooring are recovered - the sediment trap (upside-down), two releases and bottom pressure recorder. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Rick Krishfield (WHOI) unfastens the chain holding the bottom pressure recorder to the releases. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)

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