August 3 photos

Seaman Barney Noseworthy in the forward hold where glass ball floats and the rest of the mooring gear and instrumentation is stored. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Jeff Pietro (WHOI) and Barney Noseworthy watch from the forward hold as the crane hoists mooring gear onto the deck.
(Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Glass ball floats on deck ready for deployment of Mooring B. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
The bottom anchor, Bottom Pressure Recorder (BPR) and dual acoustic releases are the first mooring components to be lowered over the side. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp (WHOI) at the rail attaching instrumentation to the line. This is where he spends a good part of his time during any mooring deployment. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp attaches a bumper to the line at the bottom profiling depth of the MMP. John is head of the Mooring Operations and Engineering (MOE) group at WHOI, and has been working in the Arctic for 20 years. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Rick Krishfield and Steve Lambert (WHOI) attach the MMP to the mooring line. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Jeff Pietro (WHOI) repairs a nick in the mooring line jacket. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
John Kemp files down the plastic jacket on the mooring line after the Yale grip had deformed the plastic slightly when it supported the load. This is not uncommon near the end of an anchor-first deployment when there is a large load over the side, and significant tension on the mooring line. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Jeff Pietro (WHOI) holds the tether line on the mooring top flotation sphere. After the top float was lowered to the surface, Jeff released the mooring from the ship to complete another successful deployment. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)

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