August 15-16 photos

Captain Andrew McNeill. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Leading Seaman Stephen Archibald. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Steward Patrick Finn and Storekeeper Ron Nicholl. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Second Officer Gary Leonard. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Ice Observer Roger Provost. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Medical Officer Michelle St-Denis. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Chief Cook Fred Skanes. Special thanks to Fred and everyone in the galley for delicious meals and baked goods every day. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Cook Trainee Raymond Lockyer. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)
Steward Janelle Stokes and Storekeeper Jaimie Mizuik. (Mary-Louise Timmermans)

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