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Dispatch 27: Final Words from Chief Scientist, Cruise Leader - Bill Williams

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David Jones, Andrey Proshutinsky, and Bill Williams

October 2, 2017

Weather:  sunny, 15 knot winds from the west, swells

Temperature:  2 ˚C

Relative humidity: 90%

Location: Kugluktuk, 67˚ 50’ N; 155˚ 12’ W


Final Words from Chief Scientist, Cruise Leader -Bill Williams

A big thanks to all the science team, and the Captain and crew of the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. This has been a very successful 15th expedition and in very good company. Over the last month, we have covered the Beaufort Gyre with our grid of oceanographic stations, completing a huge amount of work with 2 ice stations, the 3 BGOS moorings recovered and redeployed, 69 XCTD casts, 59 CTD/Rosette casts, and 48 bongo net tows. In collecting water for geochemical analysis from the Niskin bottles on the Rosette, the day and night watches have filled over 10,000 sample bottles, most of which have been analyzed on board our team of analysts. 

The ice conditions this year have been unusual, though with the loss of ice in the Arctic, unusual ice conditions in the Beaufort Gyre region are becoming expected. This year there was very little ice left by September and we needed to steam far north of our regular grid of stations to find ice that was suitable for buoy deployments. Once we returned to the open water in the ‘south’, we were able to travel faster, with no ice, but had constant concern over the potential for ocean swell to rock the ship and stop sampling. In the end we have been lucky, with only the last day of sampling where we needed to try to continue with CTD/Rosette casts during a storm with 30kt winds and 3m seas.

It is now time to take the suggestion from the westerly winds and head east back to Kugluktuk, and fly home.

Thanks again to all, until next year.

Bill Williams.

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