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Dispatch 3: "Ahoy from the Louis"

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Amanda Byrd

August 9-12, 2004

The Belle of the Woods
The "Belle of the Woods."
The following is a poem written during the past week by Amanda Byrd, who is a graduate student at University of Alaska Fairbanks studying for her Masters Degree in Marine Biology, and has been taking samples using Bongo nets on this cruise (see Dispatch 2). Originally from Australia, Amanda loves living in Alaska and won the title of "Belle of the Woods" at the Northernmost Forestry Games in Fairbanks in 2003 by winning the axe throw, logging, and birling contests. In addition to writing poems about her experiences, Amanda likes to write songs, as well.

"Ahoy from the Louis"
To the folks back home
But little do they know
What is really going on

We have science galore
A crew of over fifty
And the brave captain,
Who is pretty nifty

The Captain plays the base
Guitar is the Chief's forte
The didg belongs to Bill
Which sounds quite good ay!

Now the science party
We are a great bunch
After breakfast we are
Always hungry for lunch

We are in the Arctic Ocean
The beaufort Sea to be true
We are here to look at the water
And see what it can really do

Sarah is our science Goddess
And what a Saint she be
Making sure we are all working
Instead of sleeping till three

We deploy a CTD to depth
Don't be confused with a rosette
They are one in the same thing, right?
How would I know, I do the nets

The nets, that's something I do know
Up and down, fast and clean
I catch little animals, kill them
I am the Bongo Queen

The man we all need to know
Dr Doug, unsung hero of the ship
Knows exactly what we need to do
That hair, just needs a little flip

That takes me to the stewards
With them we are blessed
They serve our meals, keep us clean
Do they ever rest?

The deck hands keep us safe
They run our winch and A-Frame
Without them onboard,
Science would not be the same

Flight crew, what can I say?
Maintenance and fuelling guys
The best darn pilot I've ever seen
And I tell you he really flies

The ice observer what a man!
Keeping an eye on all those floes
Up in the helicopter or bridge
He is the man that really knows

Randy the chef deserves a special say
He is the brains behind the food
Not only is he smart and funny
He is the chef that really truly could

Jenner the chief officer
What is it exactly that he does?
Standing around watching us
Wearing those white gloves

The bar is the place to be
The social gathering of this vessel
You hear the stories of the day
Over the chessboard they do wrestle

In the officers mess
there is the family table
Don't be fooled I tell you
This table is R-Rated

This brings me to Doug
The computer wiz
He comes and fixes things
When we get in a tizz

Roger wilco over and out
That's it for me I think
Hang on a second here
Bartender I need a drink!

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