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Dispatch 3: On Our Way to Tuk

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Rick Krishfield

September 17, 2010

Despite the time spent in planning the cruise track for this expedition in order to maximize the amount of scientific work within the allotted time, circumstances beyond our control are causing us to already divert from our intended path. Before heading into the icepack, the Louis needs more fuel to ensure that we will not run out during the expedition and to add weight to the already massive ship to facilitate the ice breaking capability. This fuel was unable to be taken on before this cruise as scheduled, so we must divert toward Tuktoyaktuk, Canada in order to meet the fuel barge approximately 20 miles offshore tomorrow. Consequently, instead of heading northwest as planned, we are heading southwest, but will make the most of it by sampling this region on the way. Hopefully, we will make up this lost time later in the cruise. Flexibility is a key ingredient in any expedition, especially in the Arctic.

The main instrument used for sampling the seawater column is the CTD (or Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) instrument that provides information on the temperature and salinity of the water versus depth, and Rosette package which brings samples of water at discrete depths up to the surface for chemical analysis (for a more detailed description of the uses of the CTD/Rosette data see Dispatch 17 from the 2006 cruise). Today, the first 3 CTD/Rosette casts of the cruise were obtained.

But while the station work continues, time is also made to socialize. In the evening, we are treated to a Meet-and-Greet in the forward lounge, so that those who are not on duty have a chance to get to know each other while enjoying exquisitely prepared appetizers from the galley and refreshments from the bar. There will certainly be no scurvy or starvation on this Arctic voyage!

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