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Dispatch 20: Pirate Party!

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Luc Rainville, Mary Steele, and Kristina Brown

August 17, 2007

Sometimes it's important to take a little break, especially with the heavy schedule we're been keeping. After following the treasure map to the site of ITP-4, the whole ship celebrated the recovery of ITP-4 and all the year-long data set it contained (a treasure chest, really!) by dressing up like pirates. During the recovery, everyone had a chance to go down to the ice and enjoy some of the beautiful arctic scenery! The invigorating day was followed by a hugely successful pirate-filled evening! It was a much needed stress relief before the rush of the last two weeks of the trip.

The scientists take a break to enjoy a traditional arctic game. Kristina Brown quickly found out that it is pretty hard to play hacky sack if you are wearing a mustang suit.   After 3 tireless weeks of science, the exasperated pirates of the North rallied for a mutiny at the ships stern...
Lead by Chief scientist Sarah Zimmermann, the wrathful, mutinous pirates made their way to the ship's bridge...   They quickly seized control of the ship! Quartermaster Jean-Marc Cormier, 3rd Officer Greg Wilkie, and Quartermaster Dale Hiltz fought well, but they were no match to the frenzied marauders!
The brains of the group, the Monkey (Alice Orlich), quickly jumped to the ships helm!   In the ship's lounge, First Engineer Nicole Robitaille and Chief Cook Paul, joined the fearless pirate scientists and and helped secure the lower decks ...

After turning the ship's steering over to Chief Scientist Sarah, the monkey went outside to "Monkey's Island" to keep an eye out for new targets...

  Meanwhile, Medical Officer Suzanne Corby and Tim Kane, celebrated another victory on the high seas!
Crafted by rowdy Ian Wrohan (here on the receiving end, with a pillow), blood thirsty Karen Scarcella, and the merciless Engine Room Technician Chris Corkum, the beer cannon (seen here) proved instrumental to the overtaking of the ship! Assistant Electrician Dave Moulton makes sure that the bungee cords are properly attached to the CTD cage before loading the gun.   The 'Science' pirates. Standing: Rick Nelson, Helen Drost, Émilie Didierjean, Luc Rainville, Linda White, Sarah Zimmermann, Jen Jackson, Ian Wrohan, Tim Kane, Mike Dempsey. Crouching: Karen Scarcella, Kristina Brown, Mary Steel, and Jane Eert.
Photos by Luc Rainville

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