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Dispatch 21: The Galley

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Gerty Ward

August 6, 2008

Randy Turner is the LSSL Chief Cook, and he and his crew in the Logistics department are responsible for the care and comfort of everyone on board. Randy learned to cook at home-- his parents worked so he and his brother chose home chores that suited them. After years in the hotel and restaurant business, he came to the Coast Guard because of the freedom. Here he can invent menus, experiment with tastes combinations and play in the kitchen. And cook he does. Randy has the confidence of the seasoned chef saying that he can make a meal out of anything. He also takes his responsibility for our care seriously: to many of his dishes he adds ginger for digestion and garlic for the heart, and works hard to make his food visually appealing. Linda Campbell says she is looking towards retiring, but you would never know that. This morning she made strawberry shortcake, 3 pies and rolls for supper.

randy Cooks Our Baker

Randy is working on several parts of the upcoming dinner. Though there are 79 people on board, we eat like 120!

Linda keeps us all thinking of home with her baking.

The Potato Room Joe Roasts Serving Dinner

There is an entire room devoted to the spud.

Cooks are always planning ahead. During lunch, Joe Gurney roasts potatoes for the next meal.

I helped Lonnie serve dinner - the noon meal - to the LSSL. We offered wings, fries, vegetable beef soup, mixed vegetables and curried shrimp with rice. Photo by Lisa Laybolt

This evening we were treated to a BBQ in the helicopter hanger.

Marinating BBQ

These Ribs will be grilled on deck this afternoon. YUM!

We had a BBQ in the helicopter hanger this evening-- steaks, hamburgers and ribs.

Thank you to the Galley for a yummy and relaxing meal. It was a very nice change of pace. THANK YOU MUM!

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