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Dispatch 7: Busy as bees

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Steve Lambert, WHOI

August 8, 2012

We started today with just little patches of ice but now we see more ice than water. The science crew now has a good handle on things and equipment is pretty much all set up and working well. The ship's crew seems to be doing just fine as the experienced members help the newer folks with what to expect. With several days of equipment setup and sampling behind us the ship is quite busy with work now. In the main lab samples are processed and stored; on the foredeck, stern, forward hold and elsewhere on the ship instruments are being assembled, deployed, tested, and so on. So far so good!

I did a little shopping today; no not at 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart, Sears, or even Amazon or eBay. We have Joe and Jaimie - the storekeepers Joe Gurney and Jaimie Mizuik who run the two stores aboard. Jaime helps with hardware needs - tools, nuts and bolts, wire, and so on - while Joe staffs the canteen which sells LSSL shirts and hats, cigarettes and lighters, gum, candy and the like. I stopped in to see Joe this morning and bought a nice embroidered Canadian Coast Guard sweatshirt. If they don't have what you need then you either don't really need it or you just do without. Unfortunately I can't just pop in and order up a new fishing rod and get free next day shipping. Planning to be aboard ship for more than a month is a little interesting. How much toothpaste will I really need? That can of shaving cream I brought along wasn't quite as full as I thought it was and luckily the canteen had more. I wasn't exactly looking forward to soap shaving for the next thirty days.

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