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Dispatch 8: Meet and Greet

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Rick Krishfield

August 12, 2006

BGEP dispatch image
The gymnasium on the Louis. In this photo, Abby Spieler is beginning her daily exercise regime by pressing 150 lb weights twenty-five times.
BGEP dispatch image
Ralph Kaiser and Juxin Shi partake of the chicken wings during "Meet and Greet" night.
BGEP dispatch image
Andrew McNeill, Joe Lucas and Donald Stortts provide the music, while Thomas Funck sings-along.
  All photos by Rick Krishfield, WHOI.
Saturday marks the successful completion of the first week of the cruise, and finds the Louis steaming west, north of the coast of Alaska toward our next mooring station, Beaufort Slope number 3 (BS-3). Despite being the weekend, work continues just as it would for any other day for the scientists, officers, and crewmembers aboard the vessel. As we head toward the mooring station, we stop for a few CTD/Rosette casts, while filling the gaps between CTD stations with Expendable CTDs (the XCTD program will be described in a later dispatch). However, today is also special for another reason: "meet and greet" night is planned in the forward lounge after supper.

As they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." In order to provide a healthy and happy environment for the Canadian Coast Guard members and supernumeraries, the Louis is furnished with several recreational areas. These include a full gymnasium with stationary bicycles, treadmills, weight machine, ping pong table, and sauna; a small library with reading materials and public use computers; and a forward lounge with comfortable sofas, big screen television for movies, and a small bar that serves beverages (including alcohol) between 8 and 10 PM every night. The bar is well regulated according to the Captain's standing orders, so that no one gets out of hand.

"Meet and greet" night is a particularly special night in the forward lounge because the galley department has prepared a delicious spread of appetizers including chicken wings, smoked salmon, cheeses, vegetables and dip, which ensures that the event is well attended by nearly everyone on board (except for those who are on watch). It is a great time for us scientists to meet and speak with other members of the crew who we do not normally interact directly with, and vice versa. On this night, all gathered are treated to a special music presentation by the Captain Andrew McNeill, Chief Engineer Donald Stortts, and Electrician Joe Lucas. Everyone is encouraged to sing along, and an enjoyable evening is had by all.

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