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Dispatch 14: The Day After

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Rick Krishfield

August 18, 2006

BGEP dispatch image
The author dumping data from the Upward-Looking Sonar (ULS) in the warmth of the forward laboratory. Photo by Kris Newhall, WHOI.
BGEP dispatch image
Will Ostrom and Kris Newhall inspect flotation spheres and change hardware so that they can be reused on the redeployed mooring. Photo by Rick Krishfield, WHOI.
BGEP dispatch image
Kris Newhall prepares to install a tie rod on the sphere after installing a new top bracket which was dented when the top float surfaced under an ice floe during the recovery. Photo by Rick Krishfield, WHOI.
The day after recovering a BGOS mooring is devoted to dumping data from the scientific instruments, and refurbishing the instruments and mooring hardware for redeployment. During this time, the ship moves to other sites for CTD and other scientific operations.

After dumping data, I am pleased to report that the instruments on the BGOS-A mooring all acquired observations (although the MMP profiling CTD data became noisy at the end of the year-long record). After all the money, time, and effort exerted to conduct these mooring operations, it is always a relief to see that things worked properly. After dumping the data, I need to change batteries and refurbish the ice draft and bottom pressure recorder instruments, and reprogram them for redeployment. Having brought spare MMPs, I have the luxury of only needing to program those for redeployment.

Meanwhile, Will Ostrom and Kris Newhall inspect and repair all of the mooring hardware and prepare new releases for the mooring. By the evening meal, we have completed all of our work and are ready for reinstalling the mooring system at the same location to operate for another year.

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