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Dispatch 5: Faces of the Louis

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Rick Krishfield

August 9, 2006

Quite often, these dispatches may focus primarily on the science that is being conducted on the Louis. But out of the 75 people onboard, only 27 are part of the science party. Forty-eight Canadian Coast Guard Officers and Crew Members comprise the other personnel that make this expedition possible. Without the experience, professionalism and dedication of the members of the Deck, Engine, Logistics, Medical, Flight, Meteorology, and Electronics Departments it would be impossible for us scientists to safely and productively conduct our studies in the Arctic. So this dispatch (and several others in the future) endeavors to highlight some of the officers and crewmembers of the Louis who are essential to the success of this scientific endeavor.

BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image
Captain Andrew McNeill makes a point while handling the controls of the Louis. The captain is the ultimate authority on the ship, and this science party is fortunate to have such an experienced captain in charge. First Officer Rod Strowbridge records the latest activities in the ship's log. Maintaining the ship's computers, network system, and other instruments is the responsibility of Electronics Technician Heather Kinrade.
BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image
Oiler Sherry Hudson inspects one of the engine components of one of Louis' five engines. The control room is the heart of the Louis. Here Engine Room Technician Dave Ramsey and First Engineer Michael Willis monitor the Louis' powerful propulsion system. Cooks Catherine Munroe and Paul Devlin prepare portions of the noon meal.
BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image BGEP dispatch image
The food on the Louis is first rate. Here Chief Cook Randy Turner prepares delicious seafood wraps. Al Jarvis, Winchman, holds the line. Kris Newhall shows Dan MacLean and Bill May the operation of the spooler controls.
All photos by Rick Krishfield, WHOI.

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